Monday, July 07, 2008

Fasting Days 12-15

I finished winding down from my fast on Friday and resumed my normal diet.    For the final days, I kept my diet strictly vegetarian, but it was a mixture of cooked and raw vegetables.     My strength has largely returned, though I still feel a tinge of muscular weakness.   My weight snapped back somewhat (as expected), but remains about 5-6 lbs lower than when I started.   My intestinal tract has taken some time to readjust to normal food consumption.   There has been some discomfort, but it has been mild.  Finally, I had my regular monthly fast yesterday and I noticed that it was much easier for me than what I have been accustomed to. 

General impressions

I would say that my overall feelings of health are good and largely unchanged from when I began.   I have noticed that psychologically I am much more sensitive to what I am eating, and it is easier to have smaller helpings of meat and dairy.   Mentally, the only difference I could really notice is that I started feeling fogged out after 72 hours of fasting. 

I have to say that these results a pretty lackluster and I doubt I will attempt such a long fast again.    I’m still a fan of shorter (1-day) fasts, however, and I recommend using a raw food diet to prepare for one, as it largely eliminates discomfort from hunger. 

That’s about it.  Please let me know if any of this information is helpful to you!


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