Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Resolutions - Dollars, pounds, projects, and miles

I felt like blogging my new year’s resolutions this year.   Maybe publicizing them will improve my commitment and maybe it will inspire others.  Here they are:

·         Interview each of my children at least once/month – I did this last year and I think it had a strong positive benefit for my family.   I keep a little chart at my computer and check off the planned interviews as they happen.  My wife and I also plan regular fun 1:1’s each month where she or I will take one of the kids out for a treat.

·         Spend < $600 on lunches through the year.  I occasionally eat out for lunch, but don’t really track it.  This year I’m incorporating my discretionary lunch budget in with my AF4 notebook so that I’m thinking about it more regularly and putting my spending in a place where I can see it.   I actually think I can spend a lot less than what I have allotted if I am paying attention to it.

·         Run 200 miles by Dec 31 – (Not at once!)   I figure I can average about 4 miles of running per week.   I’ve put a grid with 200 squares on my computer monitor at work.   Hopefully, this will remind me to get out there and run a few miles on occasion. 

·         Reach 175 lbs by April 1.    This is only 10 lbs, yet it represents a BMI of 22.5, which is slightly on the north end of healthy.  I will achieve this through regular exercise and smaller meal portions.   I like having some sort of health goal for the year, because without it, I tend to let things go.  (Of course, as I write this, I’m drinking a cup of hot chocolate. J)

·         Stay under 175 lbs for one month – I’ve never done this one.  I might be able to stretch and get myself down to 170, but I pop right back up.    I made this goal to keep my on my toes with the previous one.

·         Finish 2011 Family Video by Dec 1 – It’s been my tradition to edit down our family videos every year into one DVD of all the best moments.   This takes about 50 hours, and I’ve not been keeping it up recently.  It’s totally worth it, though, so I plan to do a little bit every month.

·         Do Budget before the 10th of Every month -  Janet and I had a really hard time keeping up with our budget last year and would often cram 3-4 months in one session, way too late to make corrections.   As a result, we overspent almost all of our major budgets.    To accomplish this, we’ve promised to forgo our weekly date night if the budget isn’t complete for the previous month.

·         Deliver Major Project at work by June 1 – This one is underway and I put it in my resolutions as a way of being accountable to my family.