Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The principle of Charity as career advice

This morning, I happened on a book titled “Love it dont leave it: 26 ways to get what you want at work" by Dr. Beverly Kaye. I watched a video of the author and she said something that caught my attention. She talked about loving your job and equated it to taking action to make it the kind of thing you desire. She conveyed the idea that loving your job is not a passive thing, but rather a deliberate act, similar to how one would love their spouse. This strikes me as being in-line with the concept of Charity. The pure love of Christ is a motivating, energizing kind of love that one gives away. It is comprised of constant small acts of kindness, patience, perseverance, and faith.

As I think about this, I realize that I want to be the kind of person that loves everything- not necessarily because I like it the way it is, but because I understand my own power to build and lift as the love of God works through me. In particular, I want to take an improved look at my work and see it less as something that I like or don’t like, but something that I love unconditionally and work diligently to improve.

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