Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shootings in Virginia and the Question of Gun Control

What terrible, tragic news has come to us from Virginia.  I pray the families of dead and injured will find comfort, healing and the grace to forgive.   

People on both sides of the gun issue have been voicing their opinions feverishly in the last 24 hours.   As for me, I feel like the question of whether or not to control guns is divisive, and in my opinion there is another way to look at this.

One day, if we live up to our covenants, we will live in a society without weapons.  All will know the Lord and love peace.   In the scriptures, this society is called “Zion”.   Some features of Zion include self-control, free agency, peace, glory, and divine protection.  Zion will be “terrible”, not because the people are armed, strong, or powerful,  but because the Lord will fight their battles.    Truly, one cannot imagine a more terrible creature than one who is perfectly mild, peaceful, and wise, yet who is also invulnerable and omnipotent because they are surrounded and protected by the glory and majesty of the creator of the universe.   Such people have always instilled hate and fear in the wicked.

There are some who believe that Zion will become possible through the destruction of the wicked.   I do not hold to this belief.  Instead, I believe the wicked will be destroyed when there is a Zion for the Lord to protect.  i.e.: I believe the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will be forever delayed until we build Zion as we have been commanded. 

How to we build a Zion that has no weapons?

We cannot do it through laws, because laws remove agency.  Therefore gun control cannot work. 

Neither can do it through weapons, for we must rely on the Lord.  Therefore gun ownership cannot work. 

Instead, there must be courageous people who bury their weapons, unwilling to succumb to the fear-mongering which comes from the lobbies on both sides of the gun issue.    

The terrible things we hear about in the news are isolated, freak events, and the stories are calculated to stir up fear and anger in our hearts.  The actions proposed- outlaw guns, or carry more guns-  are both wrought out of fear and both are destabilizing to the peaceful society we want to create. 

I want to live in a society where no one carries a gun.   Therefore I will begin with myself, of my own free will and choice.  Who will join me?

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